Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Busy Face

I was watching the Australian Open tennis on TV tonight and my daughter approached me wanting something. She was in the middle of explaining what she wanted and I have got to admit that I was distracted because of the tennis on TV. That's when she said, "Daddy, you can't play with me because you're busy!"

I asked her, "How do you know I'm busy?"

She said "Because you have your busy face on." I then asked, "What does my busy face look like?"

She then pursed her lips together and squinted her eyes in perfect imitation of my face when I'm concentrating on something. "Like this!" she said adorably, "You only play with me when you have your happy face on like this." And she broke out in a huge grin.

My kids know me so well...


zaizee said...
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zaizee said...

I wonder how your Hungry Face looks like.. joke. Bianca's funnier than you are, manong chaz. hehe. liwat kaau!