Friday, March 30, 2007

2007 Philippine Blog Awards

This is interesting. Looks like someone nominated our little blog to the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards. Not that we made it to be one of the finalists or anything but we were one of the nominees in the Home and Living category.

Whoever took the time to nominate us our thanks and we're pretty flattered. So, fess up whoever you are! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Weekend Madness

Actually, it started last week. Our girl woke up in the middle of Wednesday night all distressed from a tummy ache. It was very bad leading up to the weekend. She threw up a couple of times and was generally uncomfortable and in pain. We thought it was gastroenteritis and went we went to the doctor on Friday that's what he thought too. He had us go for an x-ray just to be sure. There wasn't really much to see as it just seemed to be a lot of stomach gas there so there was nothing much the doctor could prescribe except to tell us just to give her bland food and lay off on the dairy.

At any rate, Saturday was a quiet one as we just let her rest. We tried to give her some antacid to counteract the gas pains but it seemed to have no effect as she was still very much in distress and couldn't even sleep straight through the night. On Sunday, we thought she was all better because she woke up all alert and almost better. We tried having lunch out but the tummy pain started again and we went back home to let her rest up. We tried to put her down for a nap but she was now writhing and crying out in pain. Being a Sunday, we had no choice but to bring her to the emergency room again. This time around, her mom stayed with her in the ER while I just stayed with the boy at home.

I took a while but they were finally seen by a doctor probably after 4 hours. It wasn't a long diagnosis as she diagnosed constipation and gas. The doctor suggested an enema and sent her home. The boy and I went back to the hospital to pick the girls up but we ended up waiting some more. The enema didn't take long at all but we had to wait for a room with a toilet became available in the short stay ward. After that she did seem quite better and was able to walk out of the hospital on her own.

We thought that was the end of it but when she woke up on Monday morning the tummy pain was still there. We were really worried that this was still happening as normally she would be all better after the trip to the ER. At any rate, she did throw up yesterday morning but after that, she got progressively better. In fact, by the time I was home yesterday she was well and truly back to normal.

She was raring to go back to school last night so today, she had her first day back at school since she got sick. Of course we were still a little worried that she wasn't going to be up to it but after picking her up this afternoon she was quite OK and much better.

Right now, I'm typing this in the kids bedroom. She's still quite chatty and obviously still wide awake but I'm just glad she's all better. Lessons learned this time around: we're making sure that she goes to the toilet on a regular basis. We even bought the enema suppositories just to make sure that she doesn't hold it in for too long next time.


Oh, and last weekend the wife and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. How's that for a celebration. Curiously enough, the number seven seemed to follow us on the weekend. Our table number when we had lunch out was 7 as well as the ward number we waited on in the hospital. Oh well, hope the rest of the year would be luckier...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Picnic Party

We celebrated our boy's birthday with a little picnic party with friends. We had it at the Burnside Adventure Park which was a great park to bring the kids to. It had new play equipment, a giant spiderweb climbing thing, and wide open spaces. Adelaide has a lot of little gems of parklands just perfect for outings and get-togethers like this. Needless to say, our kids had fun at this park and looked forward to visiting it again.

Just the other week we ended up at Thorndon Park Reserve with its magnificent reservoir views and large and cool, tree shaded picnic spots. We discovered these parks from a website called Kidding About. I'm looking forward to going to many of these other playgrounds touted as the "best playgrounds in Adelaide."

Friday, March 16, 2007

Guess Who's Birthday?

Our little boy turned 4 today. It's been a long time coming because he has been diligently crossing out the days on the calendar since last month. It's sort of become a birthday tradition with us to have the kids open their presents from us first thing in the morning when they wake up. This time around instead of one big present chose to give him a number of small presents from us and from relatives.

It was great to see his eyes light up when he saw all those presents in the laundry basket. I guess he didn't expect that many presents so early in the morning. We had to get a present for the big sister too since she helped us pick out her brother's presents and keep it a surprise. After the boy opened up his presents, when we asked him what he wanted to play with first, he pointed to his sister's present and said, "That one!".

Of course, the grandparents called him up to send their wishes. We haven't planned a birthday party for today but we'll have friends together for a picnic over the weekend to celebrate. At any rate, the boy and his mom spent the day watching the Disney movie Cars on DVD while they played with the many toy cars he got. He's still excited and proud to proclaim himself the birthday boy even when he as about to go sleep tonight.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Photo Booth Pictures

Just clowning around with Photo Booth. It's a photo application that comes free with my new computer. :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Box Car Racing at School

Since Adelaide recenly held the Clipsal races, our little girl's school decided to have a box car race among the younger students. First, they were asked to bring some carton boxes to school a week ago. Next, they were asked to decorate them with their names, sponsor labels of popular car products ( eg. mobil, bridgestone, NEC). And then they were divided into two teams: Holden and Ford.

The day of the races came on Monday morning, it was a bit chilly at 20 degrees and the school grounds were a bit damp. But that did not dampen the spirits of all the race participants (kids) and the raging fans (parents and teachers). The race course was set up on the entire field with plastic cones. First up were the girls in the Holden team, and then the Ford team, then the boys came.

When Bianca's race was up, hubby and I eagerly cheered her on at the starting line. As I was still sick, I tried so hard to shout and cheer on my little girl. And off they went from the starting line with a wave of the flag, she was leading for the first 5 metres .... and then she fell down. With a little encouragement, she got up and continued the race. She fell down a couple more times but it did not bother her, she just got up again. By the time she finished the first lap, she was obviously tired and decided to walk the rest of the race with another friend. They looked like they were having a stroll in the park and having a nice chat! She only picked up the pace when she was told that the 2nd lap was the last lap, and ran to the finish line .... proudly taking the second to the last place!

At the end of the race, hubby was saying "This was just too much fun .... even for me!". When she came home from school that day, she talked about the races with so much excitement. I noticed it did not bother her that she finished nearly last in the race, all she knows is that it was so much fun. She was so proud of the certificate she got that said she was 18th place out of 19 participants. And if she fell down, all she has to do was get up and move on. To me, that sounds like a good attitude to have so early in life, right?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Cars and Kids

After months of planning, and a few test drives, we've got ourselves a new car. We traded in our old one which has served as well for the past seven years for a Hyundai Tucson City. Say what you will about Hyundai but we think it's great value for money and with a 5 years, 100,000 km. warranty, we think it will serve as well for a long time too. We haven't done a long drive yet but we really should if so we can break in the car.

Boy and girl were, of course, very excited. Almost every weekend now for the past several weeks they've been asking us when we were going to get the new car. We took delivery of the car just in time for the last weekend and we promptly took it around for a spin. No need really to get into a car review but suffice to say that we liked the whole experience.

The boy just loved the power windows in the back seat. The girl likes the extra cup holders and the separate openable rear glass. We're happy as long as they are... ;)