Friday, March 16, 2007

Guess Who's Birthday?

Our little boy turned 4 today. It's been a long time coming because he has been diligently crossing out the days on the calendar since last month. It's sort of become a birthday tradition with us to have the kids open their presents from us first thing in the morning when they wake up. This time around instead of one big present chose to give him a number of small presents from us and from relatives.

It was great to see his eyes light up when he saw all those presents in the laundry basket. I guess he didn't expect that many presents so early in the morning. We had to get a present for the big sister too since she helped us pick out her brother's presents and keep it a surprise. After the boy opened up his presents, when we asked him what he wanted to play with first, he pointed to his sister's present and said, "That one!".

Of course, the grandparents called him up to send their wishes. We haven't planned a birthday party for today but we'll have friends together for a picnic over the weekend to celebrate. At any rate, the boy and his mom spent the day watching the Disney movie Cars on DVD while they played with the many toy cars he got. He's still excited and proud to proclaim himself the birthday boy even when he as about to go sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Nico Patrick! Happy Birthday, my favorite grandson! You are now a big boy, so be good and nice to your Ate Bianca and your Mom & Dad. Just tell me what you want and I will send it to you pronto!
Love u,
Lolo Dadad

manitou said...

Happy Birthday Nicooooooo! :-)

chaz said...

Thanks Dad and Kiks! He had a great day...