Monday, August 01, 2005

Kid Funnies Part 2

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We teach our eldest to pray at night. We usually pray at the foot of the bed facing the window. One night, we prayed in a different direction and faced the door. My daughter then says, "Daddy, God is that way!" pointing to the window. I just had to laugh out loud for that one. :)

Looney Tunes Show At The Mall

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A couple of weeks back we took the kids to see a Looney Tunes show at Rundle Mall. We got there early so we were able to take some seats near the front.

Kids just lap up this kind of stuff and I have to admit we sort of enjoyed it too. It was a bit loud though. I guess we were seated TOO close.

I was quite suprised that the kids didn't seem frightened by the large mascots. I think I can consider this as training for Disneyland.


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