Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blast From The Past

Look what we found while clearing out our closet. They don't make stickers like these anymore. Heck, the company has even changed their name now!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sick Today

The little girl woke up this morning with a 39C fever today which is never good. She was complaining about her head being "floppy" which wwe think is her way of saying she's having a headache. With recent news about influenza hitting kids hard around Australia, we couldn't help but feel worried. So, I took a carer's day off and took her to the doctor this morning. Unfortunately, nothing he can do but prescribe paracetamol and lots of fluid. Although, he did say that if she still had fever later in the afternoon to bring her back and he was going to make an assessment on whether to bring her to hospital or not. Not always the best thing to hear as I thought we've done our quota of hospital visits for the year.

At any rate, after a light lunch and a nap her fever broke so at least we knew that it wasn't going to be that serious. She was much better in the later afternoon. Now, she's about back to her normal self but still having a 37C temperature and having a slight cough.

We think she should stay in again tomorrow but she thinks she's well enough to go to school. Anyway, it would be the wife's turn to be caretaker tomorrow but I hope she'll be all better by then.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kid Funnies Part 21

Our little boy made up a new word the other day. The girl and I were playing in the living room and were getting quite loud and boisterous. He, however, was busy reading a new book from the library when he suddenly cupped his ears and shouted, "Stop it Daddy, you're annoising me!"

"Pardon?", I asked. "What was that word?"

"Annoising me, you're very loud and it's annoising me!" he replied.

So there you go:

annoising: adjective: causing annoyance due to loud noises, annoying + noisy.