Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Weekend Madness

Actually, it started last week. Our girl woke up in the middle of Wednesday night all distressed from a tummy ache. It was very bad leading up to the weekend. She threw up a couple of times and was generally uncomfortable and in pain. We thought it was gastroenteritis and went we went to the doctor on Friday that's what he thought too. He had us go for an x-ray just to be sure. There wasn't really much to see as it just seemed to be a lot of stomach gas there so there was nothing much the doctor could prescribe except to tell us just to give her bland food and lay off on the dairy.

At any rate, Saturday was a quiet one as we just let her rest. We tried to give her some antacid to counteract the gas pains but it seemed to have no effect as she was still very much in distress and couldn't even sleep straight through the night. On Sunday, we thought she was all better because she woke up all alert and almost better. We tried having lunch out but the tummy pain started again and we went back home to let her rest up. We tried to put her down for a nap but she was now writhing and crying out in pain. Being a Sunday, we had no choice but to bring her to the emergency room again. This time around, her mom stayed with her in the ER while I just stayed with the boy at home.

I took a while but they were finally seen by a doctor probably after 4 hours. It wasn't a long diagnosis as she diagnosed constipation and gas. The doctor suggested an enema and sent her home. The boy and I went back to the hospital to pick the girls up but we ended up waiting some more. The enema didn't take long at all but we had to wait for a room with a toilet became available in the short stay ward. After that she did seem quite better and was able to walk out of the hospital on her own.

We thought that was the end of it but when she woke up on Monday morning the tummy pain was still there. We were really worried that this was still happening as normally she would be all better after the trip to the ER. At any rate, she did throw up yesterday morning but after that, she got progressively better. In fact, by the time I was home yesterday she was well and truly back to normal.

She was raring to go back to school last night so today, she had her first day back at school since she got sick. Of course we were still a little worried that she wasn't going to be up to it but after picking her up this afternoon she was quite OK and much better.

Right now, I'm typing this in the kids bedroom. She's still quite chatty and obviously still wide awake but I'm just glad she's all better. Lessons learned this time around: we're making sure that she goes to the toilet on a regular basis. We even bought the enema suppositories just to make sure that she doesn't hold it in for too long next time.


Oh, and last weekend the wife and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. How's that for a celebration. Curiously enough, the number seven seemed to follow us on the weekend. Our table number when we had lunch out was 7 as well as the ward number we waited on in the hospital. Oh well, hope the rest of the year would be luckier...

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