Thursday, March 08, 2007

Box Car Racing at School

Since Adelaide recenly held the Clipsal races, our little girl's school decided to have a box car race among the younger students. First, they were asked to bring some carton boxes to school a week ago. Next, they were asked to decorate them with their names, sponsor labels of popular car products ( eg. mobil, bridgestone, NEC). And then they were divided into two teams: Holden and Ford.

The day of the races came on Monday morning, it was a bit chilly at 20 degrees and the school grounds were a bit damp. But that did not dampen the spirits of all the race participants (kids) and the raging fans (parents and teachers). The race course was set up on the entire field with plastic cones. First up were the girls in the Holden team, and then the Ford team, then the boys came.

When Bianca's race was up, hubby and I eagerly cheered her on at the starting line. As I was still sick, I tried so hard to shout and cheer on my little girl. And off they went from the starting line with a wave of the flag, she was leading for the first 5 metres .... and then she fell down. With a little encouragement, she got up and continued the race. She fell down a couple more times but it did not bother her, she just got up again. By the time she finished the first lap, she was obviously tired and decided to walk the rest of the race with another friend. They looked like they were having a stroll in the park and having a nice chat! She only picked up the pace when she was told that the 2nd lap was the last lap, and ran to the finish line .... proudly taking the second to the last place!

At the end of the race, hubby was saying "This was just too much fun .... even for me!". When she came home from school that day, she talked about the races with so much excitement. I noticed it did not bother her that she finished nearly last in the race, all she knows is that it was so much fun. She was so proud of the certificate she got that said she was 18th place out of 19 participants. And if she fell down, all she has to do was get up and move on. To me, that sounds like a good attitude to have so early in life, right?


kfronda said...

now i want a box car and race too. :-)

bongu said...

simple joys of kids...