Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fun at the Adelaide Aquatic Center

We did promise the kids that we'd do something fun today and that we did. We went and spent some time at the Adelaide Aquatic Center. After the hot day yesterday, I guess we were raring to hit the pool. We started early, around 9:30 and I'm glad that we did because the parking lot to the Aquatic centre was almost filled with families who also had the same idea.

This was actually our first time to be at the center so it was a good experience for us. The center was huge. Imagine 2 olympic size swimming pools, a diving platform, several recreational pools for kids of all ages, a water slide, spas, hot tubs and a gym all under one roof. It even the usual cafe and sort of pro shop. Even the change and locker rooms were large! No wonder, the place was packed even that early in the day.

We queued up to get in, paid a small fee and went straight to the kiddie pools. We just stayed in the shallow area cordoned off for the toddlers. Even though it wasn't too deep, the kids still had fun just splashing around in the water and playing. There were a lot of other kids there too and it didn't take long for them to start playing together. Our kids make friends quite easily which is good to know.

As for us parents, we were pretty much content to just sit in the water with them and play along. It was nice to get out of the heat of yesterday.

We didn't stay too long because as it got later a lot more people were coming into the center and our kids seemed to have had their fill of the water. So we bundled them up to the separate locker rooms and got changed. A quick snack of fries and juice and off we went. All in all, not a bad first outing to the Aquatic Centre.

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