Monday, January 09, 2006

Late Spring Cleaning

For almost a year now, we could only park our car outside our house despite the fact that we have a serviceable garage. Accumulated clutter was taking up the space where our car should go. We decided once and for all to do a thorough clear out and to finally make room for the car again.

Now, normal rubbish collection would not do when one is attempting spring cleaning so we used our city council's hard refuse collection service. It's basically a truck that goes around that picks up people's old junk, from old refrigerators, bed mattresses to large cardboard boxes and other such items that won't fit in the rubbish bin or recyclables. We had to book a time for the pick up almost a month in advance. Despite the long lead time, we couldn't just put our junk outside as this would be considered littering and we had to wait until the day before the scheduled time to put it outside.

That's basically what we did all day today, sorting and carrying junk out to the front of the house where the truck can pick it up. We started early because we knew it was going to be another hot day. We threw out quite a lot of old stuff like old pillows, cardboard boxes ( from kids toys ), broken chairs etc. While we were also in a cleaning mood, we went ahead and threw out an old mattress and re-arranged furniture inside the house as well. All that plus we had to keep the kids occupied throughout the day. And all this in 34ºC heat! ( that's 93.2ºF )

We know that the kids are getting pretty antsy these school holidays. The girl has been very vocal about her boredom lately so we hope to be able to take them to the pool tomorrow. After a day like today, we all deserve it.

Before photo.

After the cleanup.
What we threw out!
Proof of our succcess.


Che-ann said...

Hey, great work! Congratulations!!!

zaizee said...

ooohhh... clutter bugs. tsk tsk tsk... but i have to admit, a job well done!