Friday, January 27, 2006

Australia Day 2006

The whole country celebrated Australia Day yesterday. It's a big national holiday akin to America's Fourth of July. Aussies of all backgrounds go out and do the whole Australian bit like going to the Cricket, having a barbie, take to the beach and watch fireworks later in the evening.

We weren't sure what we would be doing for Australia day but it was a good thing our friends knew of a great place about an hours drive from our house which was perfect spot for a picnic. It was a place called Hallet Cove which had a nice park next to cliffs overlooking a rocky beach. There was a playground and barbecue facilities and covered picnic areas which was perfect.

It was our first time to be in Hallet Cove and the drive there took us past the city and down towards the coast again. Our friends discovered the place quite by accident by driving around. It's suprising that although we've been in Adelaide far longer that they have, they were able to find this great spot before us. I guess we're not too much into exploring then. :)

We and our friends got there mid-morning hoping to be early just in case the place might be packed with other picnic goers but we were surprised that it was just us there. Our friends have a daughter and the kids had a great time exploring the playground and the sea shore. It wasn't a sandy beach so it wasn't too good for swimming but they had fun wading in the rock pools and picking up different shells and stuff.

As the kids were playing, we got the steaks cooking on the barbecue and soon the aroma of sizzling meat was enough to get our mouths watering! :)

We thought we'd stay all day but we had to get back by mid-afternoon because they boy's skin was drying out and we forgot to bring moisturizer. He was feeling uncomfortable already and was scratching like crazy. But despite that, we still had a great time meeting up with our friends and celebrating Australia day outdoors for once.


I found our digital camera acting up yesterday. It couldn't extend the lens now but after some manual fiddling I can still get it to work. I'll post pictures of the picnic soon.

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