Friday, January 20, 2006

Heat Wave!

Adelaide is experiencing a very bad heat wave. It's been hovering between 37C and 45C for the past 3 days now. The weatherman is saying this is going to be the hottest 72 hours the state has experienced since the 1940's!

Needless to say, the kids have been cooped up at home, just trying to stay cool as our ducted evaporative air conditioner is struggling to cope with the extreme heat. It's too hot to go outside and the malls and beaches are full with families trying to escape the heat.

Yup, this is the Adelaide summer and it's HOT!

We went out yesterday night to buy a cheap, temporary gazebo. We thought we could set it up over the kids' little paddling pool so they can at least have some shade if they wanted to play in the backyard.

So, we spent over an hour last night setting it up, getting all the pieces together and tying it down tight. And do you know how long the kids spent in the paddling pool today? Only 15 minutes!

Oh well, it was probably too hot anyway... :) Hope the cool change will come soon.

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