Monday, January 02, 2006

A Birthday Today!

Five years ago we spent New Years Eve in a hospital room surrounded by duty nurses and other expectant mothers. We watched the New Year's Eve fireworks on the teeny tiny hospital TV set. We were up that whole night waiting for the big one but it didn't come.

My wife and I spent the next morning walking around the hospital grounds hoping that gravity would do its work but to no avail. The morning stretched into the afternoon, and the afternoon stretched into the evening. Finally the evening went past and it was indeed already late at night and we couldn't wait any longer. The doctor finally went and performed the operation at 2AM and the first cries of a newborn baby filled the air.

Our bouncing baby girl finally arrived and our world has been all the better for her.

Happy Birthday, to our darling daugther. Know that your big family loves and adores you and wishes you that all good things come to you this day. We love you!

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Dominique said...

Happy birthday, little dear! You look more and more like your Mom each day.