Monday, January 30, 2006

First Day of School!

We got through the first day of school relatively intact. No, there were no tears although I have to say that I was browsing through old photos of the girl last night and it was hard to imagine how fast she had grown up. Seems like only yesterday she was just crawling around and now she's off to school. Well, I got to admit it's a big step, not just for her but for us as well.

The day started relatively early, we got up around 7 and got both of them to have breakfast, a wash up and a change of clothes. Of course, the wife prepared everything last night: the lunches, the school uniform, the bag etc. so it was not hard to get them both ready.

The school is only a short ride from our home so we were there at about 8:30. School doesn't start till 8:45 but we joined the ranks of early parents sending their child to school for the first time. Cameras at the ready, we brought the kids to the classroom and helped them settle in. The teachers were extra nice and they let the kids ( and the parents ) feel welcome right away. We didn't hang around too long as the girl was more or less busy, getting stuck into the play dough and drawing with crayons right away. She got a bit shy at first as she didn't know too many of the kids but she was ok after a bit.

My wife picked her up later when school ended at 3PM. The teacher said she had a good first day and the girl said she had fun. She's slowly getting the hang of it and I think so should we.

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