Saturday, January 28, 2006

Getting Ready For School

It kind of sneaked up on us but our little girl is going to be starting school on Monday! Wow, after so long she's finally starting full time school. She's certainly ready for it. This week we got her complete school uniform, from the hat, the shoes, the bag to even the sports uniform and socks. All the school books and notepads and pens she'll be getting from the school so we didn't have to do too much school shopping for her.

We're still trying to figure out the logistics of it all, like what school lunches to prepare, who's going to pick her up on certain days, who's going to do homework with her etc. etc. We've need to make sure we prepare stuff the night before, ensure that she gets breakfast and get her ready and at the school gate before 8:30. So much to do! I wonder if my own parents went through this.

I remember when we were growing up and getting ready for elementary school almost always meant new school uniforms ( at least for me being the eldest ), new bags, new notebooks and pens. Our mother would often take us shopping for school stuff at Cang's Department Store. It was easier then because SUES always had a list for the parents on what school supplies to buy. I remember the books we'd buy or rent from the school, Mom would always get those books covered for us in clear plastic before school starts.

There was always a certain palpable excitement when a new school year starts. I'd be eager to see old friends after summer break, eager to break in the new notebooks and pens, heck, I got to admit, I was often eager to learn.

Right now, the girl's only going into what is known here as Reception, one year before she enters Year 1 ( or Grade 1 ). She's excited and she's raring to go. She probably doesn't know what she's getting into yet, i.e. going to school everyday, but I hope she doesn't get lazy about it too soon and not lose her eagerness.


zaizee said...

good for you having all those new uniforms (SU polos shirts), while we got stuck with hand-me-downs.. sucked for us! :P

zaizee said...

oh almost forgot, good luck to you bianca! don't cry on the first day, manang meme and manong chaz! LOL *muah*