Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Our Trip Back To The Philippines Part 1

As promised, here is my first entry about our recent trip to the Philippines. We went via Singapore airlines again as we find that it's really one of the better airlines out there. They take great care with kids and we feel that you get a lot of value for your money with them.

Our route would take us from Adelaide direct to Singapore. We'd stay overnight there and on to Manila in the morning. The trip really was uneventful. The kids were really good waiting to board the airplane although I wished we could have experienced the new Adelaide airport before we left.

The plane ride was ok. The kids were manageable for the most part although watching any of the inflight movies was out of the question. Because the kids had allocated seats now, we couldn't get any seats that were together. We ended seating up 3 + 1, three in the window row and 1 in the aisle seat. So, the wife and I had to take turns sitting in the middle of the kids.

As per usual. Singapore airlines food was great. The kids meals were brought on time although the kids hardly ate. Guess who had to finish it up.

We left Adelaide around 1PM and arrived in Singapore 6PM local time. It took a while to get to our hotel. We took the Singapore stop over bus which took forever to reach our destination. And just our luck, our hotel was the last stop! We got there almost 9PM already.

The hotel wasn't really that nice but it was just really a place to sleep. Although even after a nice bath, the kids weren't feeling sleepy at all as they kept jumping on the beds. We ended up ordering room service and feeding them while they were still awake.

Our flight in the morning was an early 9AM so we had to wake up before 6AM to get ready. Surprisingly, the kids were not that hard to wake up and in fact, they were raring to go. I guess the whole experience was really giving them that caffeine buzz that the wife and I desperately craved that morning.

Again, getting to the airport wasn't too bad as the bus picked us up on time. It's a shame that we couldn't stay any longer in Singapore considering that part of the overnight stay included lots of discounts to most of Singapore attractions. Maybe next time.

At any rate, the trip from Singapore to Manila was a bearable 3 hours only so we made it ok. The wife was even able to catch some part of the inflight entertainment.

We like to break up the trip like this, with an overnight because it sort of gives the kids and us a break. Instead of one long day of travelling, we get 2 days of moderate travel.

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