Saturday, October 08, 2005

Our Philippine Trip: Paging Doctor Vidal

Although our trip back wasn't the best planned trips we ever had, one good thing that happened that I am thankful for was that I was there for my brother as we waited for the results of the medical board exams. I know it was really tough on him waiting like that and I was so glad when we got through that night in one piece.

He arrived in Manila just that afternoon and we were up until late just accessing the website for updates. Between us we downed a few beers and passed the time talking and bonding again as brothers. It got to 11:30 when we figured that the results weren't coming and it would be best to call it a night. Not 15 minutes later, who should call but our sister from the US. She was at the Inquirer website and she saw the results before we did! Of course, we hurriedly got on the 'net, trying not to believe the news until we saw it with our own eyes. After an agonizing wait ( I hate dial up! ) we finally saw the results in black and white! My brother has become a DOCTOR!

It was a great relief for him not just to pass but to see the results finally. After so many years of real work, he finally got to the end of it. Rather, it would be another beginning for him this time. All the best, bro! I love you.

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