Thursday, October 13, 2005

Our Philippine Trip: Christmas in September

Since we were obviously not going to be in the Philippines come Christmas time, my kids' Tita had a great idea to celebrate Christmas while we're there. When we got in from the airport we saw when we got home was the huge Christmas tree all ready and decorated.

The idea was that the Christmas celebration and gift giving was strictly for the kids and one of the first things our daughter did then was to go up and wish on the Christmas tree. She closed her eyes and whispered very intently: "I wish for a bike with bells!". Of course, it would have been very difficult to bring the bike back with us!

As kids are wont to do, during the course of our holiday, the Christmas decorations on the tree slowly slowly got tangled up and taken down by the kids' eager hands. And they were constantly delighted by the gifts under the tree and how it grew in number as their tito's and tita's slowly added gifts under the tree both for them and their cousin.

Christmas night was especially good. The family had lechon and prawns ( oops forgot to take a picture! ) as Noche Buena and the kids couldn't finish their food fast enough as they eagerly awaited the opening of their gifts. When it was time, the kids had so much fun ripping into their presents. The adults were content to just look at how happy the kids were.

All in all a great time was had by all. Now, how to explain to our kids why they wont get any more gifts this Christmas...


zaizee said...

I like what you did.. you guys have such cool ideas, Christmas in September. Whoah. Wish we were there.. If we were, would I get any presents too? I still am a kid. Well, sort of..

chaz said...

Not our idea entirely but their Tita's. It was fun though and no, you can't have gifts! :)