Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dinner With Friends

We had dinner with friends last night at home. They just migrated to Australia and they were currently visiting their various relatives and friends around here. It's so nice to be able to talk with, I guess some of our peers.

Not a lot of people from the Philippines automatically think of Australia as a migration destination so it's great to be able to talk and relate with them and share experiences. And I suppose, it's also nice to be able to share what we have with them, be it advice or just company.

Dinner was nice. I think we undercooked the roast beef a bit but the lasagna my wife made was excellent. Bianca even insisted in making a recipe of her own, mashed carrots on top of mashed potatoes. She was very eager to serve it to our guests as well and a bit put off when no one wanted to try it at first.

We were pleasantly surprised that the kids were well behaved with our guests around. I guess they were a bit unsure with strangers in the house at night as we've never really had visitors before. I was preparing for the worst that they'd be constantly craving attention but they were great. I'd like to take credit and say we taught them to behave well, heheh.

Bianca had dinner with us while Nico just stayed in his sisters room playing with the computer. I had to check up on him to give him his dinner but he was very well behaved and even shy. Does this mean we can hosts dinner parties now? :)

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