Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Our Philippine Trip: Kids At Play

The kids had the most fun during our last trip and it's hard to keep up with them once they get started. As is normal in Manila, we had to go out almost everyday as there was only so much to do at the house. The kids got a kick out of visiting the malls and doing stuff with their cousin. Their titos and titas were also almost always ready to keep them amused with trips to the local swimming pools and taking them out shopping. Here's just some pictures of what they did during their holiday. More photos on our Flickr page

Arts and crafts, stuff the kids made while in the house.


Fun at the airport

Say it with flowers!

Posing for the Hershey's Promo

Having Fun with cousin Maya


zaizee said...
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zaizee said...

omigosh, bianca looks so funny in the garden pic! haha. i'm going to post that pic on my blog too.. pastilan bata-a!! haha.