Friday, October 28, 2005

The Fire Drill

A couple of days ago, I volunteered to look after my daughter at work while my wife ran a few errands in the city. I figured it wouldn't be too much of a hassle as I only had the one teleconference in the afternoon and Bianca pretty much can keep herself occupied for a while drawing at my desk.

A few minutes into her drawing and into my telecon, the fire alarm rings. Of all the days that I had my daughter in the office, we have a fire drill! This sort of thing happens about once every few months in the office. All the cubicle dwellers start heading out and go down the stairs.

I explained to Bianca what was happening. I told her that it was only a pretend emergency and that it was nothing to worry about but we all had to go out. She then asked, "Even the kids?" and I replied, "Especially the kids!"

As we filed out I could see her face just wide eyed with wonder as she saw all the people waiting in line to get down. She took a look at the stairwell and she exclaimed, "That's a lot of stairs, Daddy!".

I then realised that I had carry her all the way down those stairs. Eight flights of stairs! All the way down, she kept exclaiming how there were so many steps. At level 5, she began the "Are We There Yet?" questions.

Anyway, we made it safe and sound to the first level where her mom was already waiting. Next time I bring my kids to the office, I'll make sure it's a Saturday with no scheduled fire drills. :)

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