Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sports Sunday

We had a very tiring day. It was our second basketball game and it was good that it wasn't that early at 9 o'clock. We arrived just as the game before us was finishing up. I actually had a longer playing time this time around but still no points. At the very least I got to put the ball on the floor and had a couple of attempts but still not yet on the score sheet. It's ok, like I say, it's all about the exercise anyway. Bonus is that we won again!

Oh, and for my bro, just so you know that I actually play, here's a pic. That's me in number 23! Yup, the team manager assigned me Michael Jordan's number. heheh.

After the game, we were still thinking of taking the kids out biking but our good friends clued us in to a free sausage sizzle ( or BBQ ) at a park. It turned out that the free food was sponsored by the Tea Tree Gully Volleyball Association. They had several volleyball courts laid out in the park's grass as well as a free magic show, balloon animals and a jumping castle for the kids. I even had another go at playing volleyball and joined in a game with some of the people. Like my basketball playing, this was again the first time in many many years that I actually got to play volleyball and I have to admit, it was fun as well.

I guess I'm taking this exercise thing to heart. For the Filipinos in the audience, I'm sure you'll recognize it when I say, "Hindi lang pang pamilya, pang isports pa!" Hehehe


fritz said...

is that you in the white jersey, handling the ball? what shoes are you wearing? looking good, bro! at least you look the part. YOU CAN DO IT!!! :)

chaz said...

Nope not that one. I'm the guy in white in the middle of the shot. Shoes? Nothing special, just something from Kmart... hehehe Yes, I CAN DO ET! :D

zaizee said...

I can only see you in the 2nd photo. You're the guy who's just standing there waiting for I dunno what. lol luv u!