Saturday, April 05, 2008

Justice League

I've always liked my superheroes. I remember with fondness the Saturday morning showings of the Superfriends and enjoying every minute of it. Looking back, the show was a just perfect for kids and probably sparked my interest in comic books which we collected off and on throughout my growing up years. These days, Superfriends now would look hopelessly dated and probably not enough to sustain the interest of today's sophisticated "kid" audience.

Enter, The Justice League. I guess I can think of it as this generation's Super Friends. Ever since they revamped this series I've slowly been building up my collection of the box sets. Although I've had the collection since last year, it's only now we've started watching it as a family. I didn't think that our kids would appreciate it at first but I'm quite surprised how we all enjoying it immensely.

The first two seasons was titled Justice League of America with only 8 of the big name superheroes involved but the next season had a bigger stable of heroes to work with hence the name change to Justice League Unlimited. The first 2 seasons, although quite good, didn't really have enough episodes that were easily accessible for the kids. Although they enjoyed the stories, some of the action was a bit too scary for them. Starting with Justice League Unlimited they actually opened it up a bit more and there were quite a lot of great kid friendly episodes as well as stuff that the wife and I really enjoyed ourselves.

The kids enjoy it even more and not only do we rock out to the opening intro of JLU but they also get to share in my love of comic book superheroes. They can even name the secret identities of all of the big superheroes now!

Justice League is totally different from the staid and often silly Superfriends but I think it's a good change. We're already on our last disc of the 3rd set. I hope they release more seasons soon... :)

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