Saturday, April 26, 2008

IKEA Play Room

The wife, the kids and myself are quite the fans of IKEA. We were there when IKEA opened in Adelaide for the first time a couple of years ago and we've been regular visitors since.

One of the great things about IKEA is the kids playroom. The playroom is a great area where the kids can have fun while the parents can browse the store. It's more than just a room, really, as it It has a huge ball swim, a movie nook and activity tables for the kids to pass the time with. It's fully staffed and the kid's always have a great time, albeit only for an hour. It's always the highlight of our kid's visits to IKEA.

The first time we went, the little boy wasn't yet toilet trained so he couldn't go in. That didn't make for such a good experience for all of us. Since then, our kids visit to IKEA always means a visit to the playroom. Too bad though that it would be the girl's last year of using the playroom as she'll be over the age limit come next year. We know she's really going to miss it.


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