Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Basketball Game

And I didn't embarrass myself. :) We started early last weekend but the gym was already full with the teams and supporters milling around. It wasn't too hard to spot my teammates, as we all had brand spanking new uniforms courtesy of our team sponsor. After a quick opening ceremony, we got started. Our team was actually first off the blocks and had the first game. I had a couple of minutes play myself which wasn't too bad for a start. Luckily, I didn't do too badly and we actually won the game by 2 points.

There are around 10 teams with a triple round robin so the games would probably be every week until September. We do have quite a few good players on our team so I probably won't see that much action. At least I get to have some sort of exercise during the week.


fritz said...

Good job!!! Did you score any points? Keep taking those jumpshots like I told you. It's good exercise too, coz you'll be running after those balls after missed shots. Post some pics next time!

chaz said...

Thanks hehe. No points this time but at least I got to run up and down the court a couple of times. ;)