Friday, April 18, 2008

Adelaide Blogger's Meetup

Thanks to Shai, I got to join my first blogger's meetup today. The April edition of the Adelaide Blogger's Meetup was great. It was interesting to meet so many people. My blogging has always been for a very specific audience ( I'm looking at you, family! ) but it was actually nice to share some of our blogging as well as the motivations for blogging with a few more people.

Unfortunately I didn't stay for too long and because there was quite a huge turnout didn't really get a chance to meet everyone. Hopefully I'd have more time next meetup to mingle some more but it was good fun nonetheless.


Shai Coggins said...

Hi, Chaz. It was great seeing you at the meet-up. Glad to know that you enjoyed it! Hope to catch up with you again soon. Say Hi to Meme & the kids.

chaz said...

Thanks again Shai, yup it was real good fun. Meme says hi too. :) Looking forward maybe to bringing the fam next time.