Sunday, April 06, 2008

Basketball Practice

The Filipino community here have a basketball league and have a little tournament every year. This year I got signed up to join up. It's not really too much of a big thing. I'm already at the "mature" age bracket so I was assured that the games wouldn't be as strenuous nor as physical. Not that I was a great basketball player to begin with but I figure this would be a chance for some much needed regular excercise on my part.

Because of this, we've added a new routine to our Sunday morning bike rides. This morning we went to the basketball courts and I shot a few hoops and dusted off my "mad bball skillz". The wife and kids joined in the fun as well, shooting and passing the ball around.

Actually, I used to play basketball for fun during college and earlier in my working life but ever since we moved here I've never ever played a straight up game. So, it would be interesting to start playing again. I hope I don't embarras myself too much when the games start next week.


fritz said...

As the designated "baller" of the family, I am obligated to make sure you don't embarrass yourself, hehehe.

Here's a tip: Don't dribble. Just shoot.

Seriously. Just shoot a lot of jumpshots, like 200 a day. Once you get a decent jumper, I guarantee you, your teammates will pass you the ball if you're open. :)

chaz said...

I hope you're right! But, I'm happy if I could just run up the court and back. heheheh