Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still Hot in Adelaide

It's well into the night but it's still a warm 29ºC outside. Everyone's still talking about the extreme weather we're having in Adelaide. We've reached some sort of record, about the 9th or 10th straight day of over 35ºC temperatures. Apparently this never happened before, ever. The most that was on record was 8 straight days of extreme temperatures. Just going out in the sun even for a minute or two feels like your skin is burning. I guess we're lucky that we're keeping cool in air conditioned offices and the kids are in school.

I can't help but really feel that global warming is not just talk every time I step out into the city sidewalks these past few days. Funny thing is, the rest of the country has had a fair share of rain and stormy weather. It's just good old South Australia that's experiencing this hot and dry spell.

It's looking to be very hot over the weekend as well. We were planning an early picnic with friends to celebrate the boy's birthday. I just hope it's not too hot for everyone. Just in case, we're planning lots of cold water and ice but we might have to move the party indoors if it gets too uncomfortable. Sigh, that's Adelaide weather for you...

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