Sunday, March 02, 2008

Fringe Weekend

This weekend we went to some of the family activities of the Fringe Family Weekend. The Adelaide Fringe Festival only happens once every 2 years and like last time, we went to some of the free activities the Festival organised for families. We drove down to the city and expecting that the parking would be filled up, we parked in Central market and took the bus to Rymil Park where everything was set up.

When we arrived, things were already in full swing. We met up with our good friends and wandered around the park area enjoying the various things. The Fringe Family weekend really consisted of family friendly festival acts, a concert stage, some art installations and an eclectic mix of art and workshops. The kids and I got to see a breakdancing exhibition, a few carnival style acts and the girl even got to create a puppet which might get her ( and a million others ) into the Guinness Book of Records!

We had lunch in front of the concert stage. We intended to rest a little bit after walking around but the kids had other ideas as they were determined to see every bit that was on offer. The girl even ended up on a Ferris wheel! Although the boy did say he didn't want to go, the moment he saw her sister way up high he quickly changed his mind. Unfortunately, it was too late then so we had to pacify him with ice cream until his sister got back down.

We caught a few more acts at the iconic Fringe venue, the Garden of Unearthly Delights, before we said our goodbyes and made our way home.

The Family Weekend was an opportunity for many of the family oriented Fringe acts get to advertise to their target audience. I have to admit, I think most of what's on for the Fringe Festival are targeted for the older market but I'm glad to see more and more family friendly Fringe acts coming out.

The Adelaide Fringe festival is just one of the few festivals coming to the city this time of year. There's even a whole new event this time around with the Assitej Performing Arts Festival in May with lots of performances targeted to children and young people. I'm hoping that we could catch a few performances with the kids that time as well.

More photos here at our Flickr page.


zaizee said...

you guys are just park buffs, aren't you? lol

find out where the wind took us.. :)

chaz said...

Ooooh, Mexico! Nice, looks like you had fun, good thing you weren't stopped at the border. :)