Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Hot Picnic Birthday

Birthday boy woke up early today to wake us up in our beds. He was especially excited and quite the proud little man knowing that it was his birthday. We prepared a quick breakfast before going on down to the nearby park where we planned on a picnic with a few friends. We first wanted the picnic somewhere else but with the heat wave we decided on having the picnic in one of the parks closer to home.

We started early and because of the heat, made sure that we had plenty of ice. The kids had some time playing in the playground while the wife and I prepared some of the food. Nothing fancy, just sandwiches and pork barbecue. And spaghetti of course. It's not a party without spaghetti, we always say.

At any rate, our friends soon arrived. We all had a quick snack and sang Happy Birthday before having some of the chocolate cupcakes. The boy then excitedly unwrapped some of his presents and was delighted with each one. The kids then had a turn at the piƱata that we brought and were happy to pick up all the lollies and surprises that burst out. We hoped that the kids could spend more time biking around and playing tennis in the park but the heat soon became too much and we moved the party back into the house.

At home the kids spent the afternoon playing with toys and video games indoors while the grownups had some coffee and more snacks. All in all a good day although we could have done without the heat. All that matters though is that the boy was happy to have his party.

Happy Birthday, little man.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nico,
Happy Happy Birthday! Wish we could spend the day with you all down there. Be a good boy always and Jesus will give you more birthdays to come.
We love you always.
Lolo Dadad & Mommy etts

Tito Fritz said...

Happy Birthday Nico! Hope you enjoyed your birthday picnic!

zaizee said...

Happy Birthday, dearest Nico! you're growing up to be such a big boy now.. love you!

chaz said...

Thank you all! The boy had a great time...