Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Dinner

Monday Dinner
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It's steak diane, peas, onion fries and mashed potatoes. Today was a holiday Monday so we had time to prepare a proper dinner. While the wife and girl prepared the mashed potatoes, I got the steaks and onion fries going.

I found the recipe for the onion fries from a TV show and the steak diane from one of our old cookbooks. The peas were just the frozen kind just cooked in the microwave. I didn't think I got the sauce quite right but I think I'm getting the hang of cooking steaks with just the right amount of pink in the middle.


zaizee said...

it looks yummy! Why do u torture us with such mouthwatering pictures?? why? why? WHY??! lol

chaz said...

Looks good, no? ;)

che-ann said...

hia! looks yum, saw the onion fries in better homes and gardens :) not bad ei?

can i put a request for your/Me's version of lumpiang shanghai?

chaz said...

HI Che! Yup, we saw the onion fries recipe at Better Homes and Gardens, too! Of course I just to try it.

We have a couple of versions of the lumpiang shanghai. Quick and easy version is to use the Lumpia Shanghai powder mix and you add to the mince pork and some chopped carrots and spring onions.

Other version involves pork, prawns and water chestnuts. I'll email it to you if you want. :)