Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt with a Twist

The Easter tradition of Easter egg hunts becomes a hunt for chocolate eggs here in Australia. Back in my day, we'd used to look for hard coloured hard boiled eggs. So much chocolate comes into our home at this time of the year, that sometimes it takes months before we can consume them all!

This year, we wanted Easter to have a little less chocolates. Normally, the kids would get a small toy with a chocolate egg from us. This year, we decided to be a bit more practical. Something that can last longer, something better for their teeth and our waistlines.... so we got them a video game - Lego Star Wars 2! I know, I know .... nothing Easter at all about Star Wars! It's something they've always wanted since they completed Lego Star Wars I a few months ago.

But at the same time, we did not want the kids to miss out on the fun of an Easter egg hunt. And then an idea came to my mind while I was hanging out the laundry yesterday... why not have an easter hunt around our very own backyard?! But instead of chocolate easter eggs, we asked the kids to look for the 30 blue and pink clothes pegs we hid around the side garden. And at the end of the hunt, they get their surprise reward. I tell you, it was so much fun the whole family! We even had a little picnic of sandwiches and lemonade in the garden in under our new portable gazebo. Maybe next year we have another of these Easter hunts in the backyard, with a lot more pegs and a time limit for a little more challenge, hehehe.

Happy Easter everyone!


Dominique said...

Lego Star Wars! Oh, boy, you guys are really raising geek kids.

chaz said...

I know! That actually gives me an idea for a blog post... :)