Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Week Holiday Starts

Thank goodness the weather has cooled down considerably. We're looking at mid to high 20's throughout the Easter weekend which is good. The kids spent the whole day at home with me because they had a pupil free day from school.

We visited the Adelaide Central Markets this evening to do a little shopping. We've been to the markets before but never quite this latey. We first had dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant which has this chicken dish that I should really write up about one of these days. After dinner the kids had some ice cream while the wife and I got some coffee. We browsed around the markets for a bit and did a little bit of food shopping. We should come to the markets late more often because the kids were lucky enough to score some free stuff. They got free marshmallows from the lady at the coffee place and the florist even gave them a rose each. Lucky them, I wish I scored free danish pastries from the bakery but no such luck.

Tomorrow we're having lunch at our friends' place and spend some time with them. We were tempted to cook up something to bring but I think they have it everything well in hand. Anyway, we don't have much planned for Easter break, I guess we'll see if our spontaneity kicks in.

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