Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Afternoon in Glenelg

We did something different and visited the Glenelg beach today. It was very very warm yesterday so it was quite good that the sky was overcast and was a bit cooler today when we went out. First, We drove and parked in the city and went to church at the cathedral. Then took the new tramline from Victoria Square all the way down to the beach precint of Glenelg. The city of Adelaide just recently extended the trams to go all the way from one end of the city to another. It used to be that it only stopped in the middle and buses took people all the way to the end. At any rate, we rode the old tram once before, on the last day those trams were meant to be retired no less. This time around, we got to ride the new trams and it was a different experience. I have to say though that the old trams really had character and this time around, the new trams just felt like another mass transit system.

Anyway, we arrived in Glenelg just in time for lunch. Glenelg is one of Adelaide's beach side suburbs and quite a tourist spot. Aside from the beach there are lots of shops, restaurants and there's also a huge indoor amusement center called "The Beach House" where we took the kids once and they had a ball.

The wife had a hankering for fish and chips and that's what we had. I myself just had a fish and salad and the wife and kids got their fill of fish and chips. The specialty of the restaurant was fresh local South Australian oysters and we had some of that too. We liked the fish as the batter they used was quite light and tasty. We ordered half a dozen oysters Kilpatrick and even under the sauce and bacon bits, we could taste that the oysters were plump and juicy. Real good South Aussie oysters. Wish we could have had more but, unlike in the Philippines where we can have a sack full of oysters for next to nothing, over here it's not that cheap.

After lunch, the wife and I had a coffee and the kids had ice cream. We then took a walk to end of the jetty (pier) just to see the sights. The kids were really interested in the deep water off the edge as some teenagers were jumping off to and dived into it. I must admit, even though we know the kids can swim now, I was still a bit nervous about letting go of the kid's hands as we walked along the jetty as the railings weren't exactly kid proof.

After the walk, we stayed a little while on the beach as the kids played on the sand. We didn't stay long and after a quick walk along the shops, we headed for the city on the tram again. It was a good day and something tells me, we'll probably be back as summer holidays are fast approaching.

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