Saturday, December 29, 2007

Enchanted on a Summer Day

Today was another typical Adelaide summer scorcher. Temperatures topped around 40 degrees celsius so we planned a whole day at the mall to watch the Disney movie Enchanted and do a little post-christmas shopping. We've been waiting for the movie to open ever since the kids and us watched the first trailers on the net and seen some of the video clips. Sure enough, we all liked the movie and walked out of the cinema still humming some of the tunes.

It was a great film, it was sort of a Disney movie that wasn't a Disney film. It still had its happpy ending but had a different way of getting to it. Anyway, I've noticed that the girl actually sat through almost 90% of the movie which is something. The boy still had his restless moments though. One good thing we did was to have them go to the toilets before the movie. That ensured no toilet related interruptions at all and we parents actually got to see all of the movie. Which is probably why we doubly enjoyed it too.

After the movie, we had lunch and got haircuts for the kids. We did a spot of shopping as well because there weren't that many people doing actual buying. They probably spent all their money in the last few days so there weren't any actual lines at the checkouts. This wasn't what we expected considering the post Christmas sales but it was a pleasant suprise.

We knew it was still hot outside so we actually just wandered around the mall until the late afternoon/ We figured that the heat wouldn't be too bad by that time and we started for home around 4PM. The next few days would see even hotter temperatures here in Adelaide but considering what we spent today, I don't think we can afford to cool down at the malls anymore... :)

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