Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Boy's Kindy Report Card

So time flies. It's our boy's last week at Kindergarten and they took home their report cards. The wife and were pretty proud of him and of what his teachers wrote about his time in kindy.

Nicolas is a bright, conscientious child who has been a very special member of our Pre-school. His gentle, caring nature and friendly smile have endeared him to all staff and students. He will be sorely missed as he begins his new school adventure.

Nicolas has advanced numeracy and literacy skills. He is capable of reading most children's books independently, with the ability to utilise effective word attack skills for any unfamiliar words. His writing skills are also advanced, competently writing many words legibly in proper sentence formation.

Nicolas is a relatively quiet member of group discussions. WIth encouragement he happily engages in conversation and contributes in an articulate and valuable manner. It was such a pleasure to see his confident and most informative 'My trip to the Philippines' presentation in front of the whole group.

Nicolas enjoys outdoor activities. His sense of fun and adventure, combined with a sense of safety and appropriate behaviour, have enabled him to be a positive role model for his peers. Nicolas is looking forward to school. He is well prepared for the challenges that await him and we wish him all the best for the future. Good luck, Nicolas!

We had a little chuckle about his "sense of safety". We know he's a big stickler for rules and he almost always ends up admonishing playmates when they don't abide by them. Before we enter play areas, for example, he'd read the rules on the sign board first like "no shoes" or "no running" etc. and he'll make sure to follow them. Not only that, he tends to remind the other kids too!

At any rate, we're so happy that he had such a great experience at kindy. We hope he has the same fantastic time at big school.

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