Friday, December 14, 2007

Kindy Christmas Concert

The other day our son's kindergarten held their traditional Christmas concert. He played the part of Santa in one of the songs and pretending to be stuck in the chimney! He he had lots of fun and he did the actions for the song perfectly. He looked so cute in his Santa outfit too.

As the concert was about to start, the teacher took him and his friend aside and whispered something to them. Turned out he was given the job to welcome everyone to the concert in a loud voice as the concert began. Then they started to sing their Christmas carols and the kids were enthusiastic about singing Jingle Bells! After a few more songs they ended the concert again with the boy and friend saying goodbye to everyone and inviting them to stay for a quick party after the concert. We remember that his big sister actually had this job last time she was at kindy. They are not so different after all.

But after the concert, there was surprise visit from Santa! He gave out some gifts to all the kids and everyone was quite happy to get something from the big man.

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