Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007, The Day After

It was a busy and fun day yesterday. After going to mass on Christmas eve, we had a little dinner at home. Not the usual noche buena of course but it was ok nonetheless, just garlic prawns and pasta and I had a hand at baking a Christmas ham with a pineapple glaze.

Anyway, before going off to bed, the kids left some cookies and milk out for Santa. The wife and I stayed up a bit to try and wait up for him( as parents usually do on Christmas eve! ). We didn't stay up too late because we knew that the kids would be bright and early in the morning to check out what the big guy left them under the tree.

Sure enough, the girl woke up first and was so happy to see that she got what she wanted from Santa that she woke us up too. The boy was still asleep when we got up. Looks like he still hasn't gotten the hang of waking up early on Christmas morning. Eventually he did get up and both kids had so much fun opening the gifts from us and from relatives and friends. Of course, they didn't have to do any unwrapping for the gifts Santa left them. They were eager to get on and ride the bikes right away!

Unfortunately for them, we couldn't go out and test drive the bikes because we still had to prepare for the Christmas lunch we were hosting at our house. We invited a few friends and their families to a Christmas lunch at home. We prepared a sort of Mexican style meal with chili con carne and corn bread, prawns, make your own fajitas with all the trimmings and a non-Mexican meal of hotdogs on sticks in case the kids weren't into the Mexican thing.

Lunch went well, we all had a good time just eating and talking. The kids just played a video games indoors. The PS2 EyeToy game is a great party starter that's for sure. We were worrying all week about whether we prepared enough food but we ended up with so much food. So much for the diet of course but, hey, it's Christmas!

This morning, we went to the park so the kids can practice more of their riding. Because the bikes had training wheels on, the kids soon got the hang of riding. They learned how to do their braking and slowing down and speeding up. It was nice to see them so independent ( sort of ). We did a round around the park and despite a minor tumble or two, the kids had fun. Because it was getting a bit hot we didn't stay long and soon they peddled for home. I'm pretty sure we'll have to make this a routine for all of us now ( I hope ).


bongu said...

looks like you guys had a busy December and Christmas...Merry Christmas guys!

zaizee said...

The kids on their bikes look super cute! Merry Christmas everyone!! We miss you!

chaz said...

Thanks bongski! :) hope you guys had a good Christmas too. Where did you spend it?

Hi Dayra, yup, they're having fun with those bikes. We miss you too and looks like you had good Christmas haul! :D