Friday, December 07, 2007

New Hot Water System

Our old hot water system died over the last weekend. I had to scramble to find a new one and have it installed. It's our fault really. The old system was way past it's 10 year lifespan and we should have replaced it when we had the chance.

I actually had the day off last Friday and I thought I could relax for a bit after I brought the kids to school and kindy. But when I got home and I heard a large leaking sound from outside the house, I knew that wouldn't be possible. The old system sprung a huge leak and I guess we were lucky I was home to catch it before we lost too much water.

Anyway, I had to find someone to quote us a new system and have it installed but it took a few days for them to come over and do it. In the meantime, we had to endure cold showers for a while there. After a few days, the tradies were able to replace the old tank system with a continuous hot water system. It's a bit expensive but hopefully it would save us water and money in the long run.

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