Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunnybrae Farm 2006

Punch and Judy ShowSunnybrae Farm is a historical museum showcasing the history of some parts of our council area. Every year they have an open house of sorts where various historical societies in and around Adelaide showcase some of their knowledge. People from these various societies dress up in period costume and interact with the visitors.

We went to the annual fair last weekend it was quite interesting what we found. There were knights in actual armour, Moorish dancers, American Civil war re-enactors as well as medieval archers. These people weren't just in costume, they also provided a quick history lesson or two to the visitors. There were vintage cars and trucks on display as well as music, cultural dancing and historical demonstrations ( and a few erstwhile knights fighting in the ring!) Highly entertaining and educational. The kids were impressed with the old toys and classic cars on display. We even took in an authentic Punch & Judy show which they found quite hilarious.

It was quite enjoyable and I wish I could have taken more photos. But between minding the kids and watching the entertainment there was hardly enough time to reach for the camera!

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