Monday, October 02, 2006

Swimming Lessons

Summer is nearly here and we thought it was as good a time as any for the kids to start swimming lessons. The girl already had some swimming lessons some time ago but we sort of stopped going because it wasn't easy to continue with the time slot with the little boy around.

At any rate, the boy seemed to be of the right age and when we found out about some really good value swimming lessons at our council recreational facilities we decided to sign them up for some. We first had them assessed to see what level of swimming instruction they needed and it was no suprise to us that both of them needed to start near the beginning.

The girl went straight to the second level ( Starfish level ) and the boy at the very start ( Turtles ). Both of them aren't scared of the water at all and they enjoy every minute of it. The facilities provided was good with a heated indoor pool and small class sizes such that there was more time for each kid to be tutured. The class that our boy was in there were only 2 of them so they got a lot of swimming time out of each lesson.

It looks like the boy seems to take to the water right away. On his second lesson he was already being let go and he could kick and paddle for about 2 meters (albeit with floaties). He could float a little bit by himself and was eager for the instructor to bring him into the water everytime. The girl still has to learn a bit more as she often forgets to kick but she likes going into the water as much as the boy does.

The kids have so much fun that we parents want to jump into the pool with them as well!

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fritz said...

"The kids have so much fun that we parents want to jump into the pool with them as well!"

...What??? And scare the other kids?... hehehe ;)