Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blogging Downtime

I haven't been writing for a while now. At least, not too regularly. Nothing much, just been busy with other things. The past couple of weeks was school holidays so the wife has had her hands full trying to keep the kids occupied. There were play dates with friends scheduled but had to be cancelled because our little boy got sick last week. Nothing major, just cough and colds but the doctor prescribed antibiotics just in case.

Normally school holidays would have been the time some families take the kids out of the city or take them on some holiday activity. We did have friends over a couple of weekends ago and we took a pleasant drive down to Port Adelaide. (pictures up in Flickr) We took in the lighthouse and the Port Adelaide markets and took the opportunity to visit another Filipino bakery down that way. We had an impromptu mini-shopping spree and bought some Spanish bread and pan de sal which went well with canned sardines! Adelaide may not have a huge Filipino population but the Pinoy stores are always around to supply us with tastes from home.

And another thing that's contributed to my blogging downtime is the over-abundance of TV shows that have started their season! We're watching Heroes, Studio 60, Jericho, Battlestar Galactica and a few other Australian TV shows that figure in our nightly schedules now. Yup, we're couch potatoes alright...


fritz said...

haha! were watching Heroes too! :) Mondays @ 730pm central. Broadcast in High Definition. hehehe. p.s. im @ work ryt now. just found out that ur blog's one of the few websites thats not blocked by our web administrator. so i guess ill be reading more, so hurry up and write something!!! hehehe.

chaz said...

Heroes rocks! Not on HD for us here but on BT ;) but it's all good. Can't wait for next week's show.