Sunday, October 08, 2006

Palabok Fiesta

My latest attempt at this pinoy dish turned out great (if I do say so myself). Just needed to be served out of styro containers and I could swear I was at Jollibee!


Anonymous said...

mura man pod tinuod nga palabok!! where did you get the ingredients for the palabok?? maybe you can try sharing it with your Filipino friends over there- just to make them feel nostalgic- he,he tried to do it here- lata akon noodles- got to try and try- do you have Pilipino store over there?

chaz said...

Tinuod lagi! With the help of Mama Sita palabok mix! :D The only ingredient I got from the pinoy store was the chicharon but otherwise I got most of the ingredients from the fish monger and the Asian food stores in Chinatown here.

Naa man pud mga Pinoy store dinhi so we can still get our Pinoy groceries from time to time.