Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat

Halloween is not such a big deal here in Australia, as compared to the US. In the past 4 years, we've had only one or two trick or treat visits. Most of the time, we are not prepared as we hurry to the pantry and see what lollies we have in reserve to give the kids waiting outside.

Last year proved to be quite a 'frightening' experience for my little girl, and myself as well. It was just late afternoon and hubby was not yet home from work. There was only one kid at the door, a little taller than me, wearing all black and that mask made famous by the 'Scream' movies. I mean this kid did not even say 'trick or treat', he just stood there with an open plastic bag waiting for treats. My little girl ran back inside crying! I quickly put in some treats in his bag and off he went ... whew!

So this year, I was a bit apprehensive to open the door knowing it was that time of the year again. We were lucky this time. The kids were not wearing masks this time, and they at least smiled and said the traditional greetings. I even got the my kids to put a handful of lollies to put in their 'treat' bags. Bianca happily put all the lollies in, while Nico put in one piece and kept the rest! Good thing I was there to ask him to put it all in, much to his disappointment.

Oh well, at least now my kids are getting the idea that it is fun and not scary. It seems to be getting more popular each year. This time we had 3 sets of visitors! Maybe next year we will try doing the door knocking ourselves. I wonder what costumes will be cool to wear by that time, any suggestions?


Dominique said...

Hi, 'Me: funny post, as usual. I think that's the purpose of Halloween: to make fun of our little fears. Glad to hear the kids got over theirs.

Are you all following BSG?

Meme said...

Sure, make fun of my fears. Ha ha. ;-)

Consider me a newbie to BSG, just watched the recap of the past 2 seasons last night. However, hubby has been keenly following the new season. Am sure you do the same, right?

chaz said...

oooh yes, BSG and Heroes are providing my sci-fi fix for the moment. Have you checked out Heroes yet?