Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Of iPods and Music...

Being avowed Apple addicts that we are it was somehow strange that we never owned any version of an iPod. Sure, we like our music and we've been able to expose our kids to different genres but we've never really had the inclination to buy Apple's ubiquitous music player. That is, until now. We finally decided to be an iPod toting family and I got myself a 30GB iPod and a 2GB for the wife. We also got a speaker attachment so we can enjoy the music in our lounge room.

Aside from considering it an early Christmas present, I thought it was about high time get a stereo set. We've been without one for so long as we played our music from either the iMac's speakers or from the DVD player in the lounge room.

I was transferring music to the iPods and the first thing that our little girl asked was to make sure we put her favourites in there. You see, she already has a playlist of her favourite songs in iTunes. It's a pretty eclectic one with stuff from Hi-5, The Beatles, as well as 80's stuff like Human League and alternative like Fountains of Wayne. She's not just into the kids stuff but I'm so glad she seems to appreciate all kinds of music. One time at her show and tell, they were asked to bring or sing their favourite song. Instead of bringing to class a CD of kids songs, she went and had me burn Seasons of Love from the musical Rent. It's her favourite song and she sang it beautifully!

And speaking of singing, nowadays the kids can't get enough of the Sound of Music, or at least, the Do-Re-Mi song. We watched the Sound of Music one time and they got so enamoured with the Do-Re-Mi song that they it's become a staple bedtime song for them. Complete with the "Let's make it easier" dialogue from the movie. :)


fritz said...

hey can u post bianca's playlist here? id like to see wat kinda music she listens to. thx! :) im her biggest fan! ;)

Anonymous said...

am glad that bianca and nico can sing much better that their dad! he he
take care!!