Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Winter Blues?

It's definitely winter. Our poor little girl's has been nursing a fever all week. They went to the doctor's this morning and got prescribed some anti-biotics. It's not too bad this time as she's still up and about but it's a sure sign that winter's here. I'm sure that the flu bug will make it's way around soon enough.

Anyway, our daughter is such an actress. Maarte. Here's a picture of her and her brother. She's showing us her sick face. She insisted on me taking the photo and blogging about it.

Here they are just being themselves. I'm trying to take a picture of them in their bright clothes together with the tulips we got for their mom on mother's day.

This doesn't look like anyone's sick at all.

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zaizee said...

artistahon pagka bata oi!