Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kid Funnies Part 13

For the past few nights, our son has been climing into bed with us. He sleeps between us and sometimes even kicks either his mother or me out of bed. He also wakes up really early but he's really good in that he tends to wait for us to get up before he does anything crazy like jumping on the bed.

One morning, it was just him and me on the bed as my wife already gave up her space to the little man. At any rate, he was already awake and was waiting for me to wake up. I was still half asleep when I rolled to his side of the bed. I was jolted wide awake when he began to shout "Don't crush me! Don't crush me!" I bolted out of bed thinking I was already crushing the life out of him.

Turns out, he was only playing but that was as good a wake up call as any...

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