Saturday, May 06, 2006

Free Comic Book Day!

Yes, I'm indeed a comic book geek and today marks a special day for all my kind. It's free comic book day where participating comic book shops around the world are giving away specially crafted comics to all. It's the 5th annual celebration of Free Comic Book Day and it's also a great way to introduce readers young and old to this other form of literature. Yes, I said it, comic books as literature. More information about Free Comic Book Day here

on the busWe decided to take the bus to the city as an adventure and the kids really liked it. It's good that they still get enthralled by simple pleasures like riding a bus. I took my daughter to the shop while the wife and son went around Rundle Mall to window shop. As expected, my local comic book shop, Pulp Fiction Comics was already buzzing with activity. FCBD is always a big thing and the shop was packed.

There were people in costume walking around Rundle Mall promoting the free comics and the shop. I deliberately waited a few weeks before getting my regular orders of comic books from so I can pick them up on FCBD. My daughter went with me while the wife and son went off to do some window shopping at the mall. Aside from my own comic book stash, I made sure to pick up a free comic book for the girl as well. She's always enjoyed reading books but she seemed particularly happy to have a comic book to call her own.

We walked over to Chinatown to have lunch. It was a cold day and the wind picked up a bit while we were walking but at least it wasn't raining. We even got to pose for photos at the Victoria park fountain which is in the center of the city. After lunch, we did a little shopping at the Adelaide Central Market for some fresh food and veggies before heading home.

All in all, a great day. Now, to settle down to some comic book reading...

A few more photos:

"Getting Hungry!"

"At last!"

Central Market, fresh fruits and vegetables and everything else at the center of Adelaide.

At Victoria Square

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