Monday, May 01, 2006

Scanpan Warranties and Good Customer Service

About six months ago we bought ourselves some new non-stick cooking pans. They were a Danish brand called Scanpansupposed to be the best around with a lifetime warranty and guaranteed that the non-stick coating would never to blister or peel. Three months later, much to our dismay, we found the pans to doing exactly that: the non-stick surface was forming blisters and peeling.

Unfortunately, we lost the receipts and didn't know if the store would still take them back. My wife tried to return them anyway and was pleasantly surprised that the store was more than happy to take them back and have the pans shipped to the local distributor. They explained that the distributor was normally pretty good about taking back damaged pans and seeing the states our pans were in they had no problem accepting them back. Just this week the distributor delivered to us our brand new pans without any fuss.

I'm quite happy that the company owned up to the lifetime guarantee even though we weren't able to show the receipt. I know of a few stores that would be none too flexible about that. Goes to show that there's still a level of trust here in Australia that I hope won't go away anytime soon. Now, what to cook for dinner?


Anonymous said...

scanpan looks so nice and i bet its easy to clean, but the hardest part is what and how to cook which is why i envy Meme coz she knows how to cook very well, while me its still try and try again and then never mind cooking- frozen delight up to now-he,he
love you all-mommy

Anonymous said...

What use is a new pan if it will blister just as quickly as the first? I had a similar issue with Scanpan cookware and after 4 returns in under a year (youd think id learn a little sooner) I am an evangelitic non-supporter of the brand. It just leaves such a bad taste in my mouth knowing that their claims are purely a con to get people to buy in the first place. Any company that can afford to continuously discount their stock by 70% are obviously overcharging in the first instance for a useless & low quality product in - no wonder they can afford to keep replacing pans!