Sunday, May 21, 2006

Still Sick...

Our poor little girl is still sick. She's missed school all week but I'm just happy that she's still up and about despite her having fever and slight coughing. We've already taken her to the doctor and she's been taking antibiotics since Wednesday. She'll have to go back again tomorrow because she doesn't seem to be getting any better. Hopefully we'll get stronger medicine then.

Both her and her brother are still active, thank God, but because of her fever we've been forced to keep them indoors most of this weekend. We played in the house and doing all the things we could to keep them occupied. Here they are just tuckered out and having a big nap on their parents bed.

I hope she gets better soon as she's already complaining that she's missing school and her friends. Well, it's winter after all and I'm sure not a few kids will be under the weather too.

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