Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Somewhat a Valentine's Date

The wife and I have long given up on spending actual time alone on Valentine's day. Being parents of two busy kids is indeed a full time job, one which does not afford time off. But sometimes we do get to spend time together once in a while and now that the girl is in full time school and the boy still in once a week day care, we can get that opportunity.

I took a day off today and spent some time with the wife just watching a movie and going around the mall. Nothing special or romantic about it but it's alone time we can spend together without having to worry too much about looking after the kids. It's alone time to spend as grown ups.

It's interesting the stuff you take for granted while malling. Without the kids, we can actually take our time browsing stuff in shops without having to be in a hurry because of nappy changes or hungry kids. Or not having to bother with steering prams around crowds or assuaging tantrums or playing referee.

Of course, the down side of this is once you spend more time in shops the more likely it is you actually get to buy something so I ended up with quite a few things I didn't think I'd buy today. :D


Dominique said...

A-ha! You naughty pair you. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

But really, thanks for giving me a preview of what to expect. Yes, a little scary but also exciting in a good way. Ah, well...I can't wait. (Shudder!)

So what did you get, Chaz? Comics?

chaz said...

Hehehe... yes, we played hooky to watch a movie! Compared to a few years ago, the kids are better to handle these days but then again, it never ends really.

Just bought a few CD's on sale and a new spindle of DVD-R's :) Got a few stuff to burn off my hard disk, if you know what I mean. :)

Shai said...

Nice one! :-)